Emerging Phytosanitary Technology

Emerging Phytosanitary Technology
Ireland and United Kingdom Biomass Initiative

PHYTO-CHARTER offers proven phytosanitary technology, resource procurement and merchant marketing to supply biomass fuel to meet the Ireland and United Kingdom’s ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020.


image008Phyto-Charter has developed and patented the Shipboard Heat Treating System to meet the phytosanitary requirements of the European Union while engineered to efficiently sanitize wood fiber without multiple handlings. Export of wood fiber has not been possible until the development by Phyto-Charter Inc. of a viable heat treating system which comports with the phytosanitary controls of the European Union.

The system deployed in the ship’s hold creates a near airtight chamber and re-circulates the moisture-laden air in a closed loop that includes sensors to measure performance of various components to ensure com-pliance with applicable codes. The fully saturated air provides an efficient medium of heat transfer through the core of the wood-chips. The Shipboard Heat Treating System is modular and transportable for deployment to multiple ports.


EastportResource Procurement:
Phyto-Charter will produce and procure to the Port of Eastport mixed conifer bolewood biomass chips within the Eastern Polygon in Maine, certified to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture of Ireland and the European Union- Standing Committee on Plant Health.

Biomass Markets: The Biomass Initiative has focused on CHP and District Heating DH sectors. This midmarket sector is decentralized, shows the greatest growth in demand and cross price elasticity, and is provided the greatest economic supports. The Biomass Initiative establishes bulkyards and distribution is through existing networks and supply chain focusing on the high population density of Northern Ireland, the East Coast of the Republic of Ireland and England, trans-shipped through the draft-restricted ports.

Merchant Model: Under the Merchant Model, biomass inventories remain under Phyto-Charter title and control. Phyto-Charter distribution is made through established supply chain systems on market pricing traded on its calorific value. Supply agreements and allocation of tonnage have been developed with receivers. Under the Merchant Model, the risks of fiber costs and currency fluctuations associated with long term or off-take contracts are avoided.

For more information contact Stephean Chute, Managing Director – stephean.chute@phytocharter.com or call 207-650-4216