Heat Treating Patent Published

PRESS RELEASE – Eastport, Maine USA – April 19, 2015

Phyto-Charter Shipboard Heat Treating System Patent Published

image007 Title: Apparatus For Shipboard Heat Treating

Shipboard Heat Treating System

Export of wood fiber into the European Union has not been possible until the development by Phyto-Charter Inc. of a viable heat treating system which comports with the phytosanitary controls of the European Union which now has received verification by the US Department of Agriculture (APHIS).  The principal concern is the existence of the pinewood nematode (Bursaphelenchus Zylophilus) and other pathogens which may be present and contaminate all species of wood fiber.

The only acceptable protocol is for heat treating the wood fiber at 56°C of stowed wood chips for a period in excess of 30 minutes. The basic science and thermo dynamics of the process has been long settled and accepted.

Phyto-Charter’s Shipboard Heat Treating System operates as the vessel is being loaded, and treats the wood chip cargo in the same sequence of stowing and trimming. The system in the operational mode creates a near airtight chamber and recirculates the moisture-laden air in a closed loop to bring the woodchip cargo to temperature above 56°C until sanitized.


The System is controlled by Siemens PLCs that include sensors to measure performance of various components and to measure temperatures in accordance with applicable codes.


The system is designed to install quickly by stevedores under the supervision of Phyto-Charter engineers in preparation of loading. The heating apparatus are modular and enclosed in sea container type units which remain on the quay and will be connected to a portable electrical generator for power supply and to propane or compressed natural gas tanker trucks.

The completed shipboard heat treating process satisfies the requirements of the European Union Council Directive 2000/ 29/EC codified protocol for heat treating wood fiber and renders the cargo eligible for issuance of a phytosanitary certificate by the U.S.D.A. (APHIS) as required by the European Union.


Phyto-Charter is offering licensing of its technology and to provide the Shipboard Heat Treating Systems to the forest products industry to meet growing demands for sanitized biomass chips to the European Union.

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